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Support & Maintenance Services for Small Business
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Lower IT Costs, Fewer Problems & Increased Speed.

Business Technology Group offers a line of services designed to make sure you have fewer problems on your network, and when emergencies do happen that your downtime will be significantly reduced… All available for an affordable flat monthly fee that you can budget for like rent, insurance, or salary. No more unexpected repair bills. Our services include:

  • Managed Preventative Maintenance Services & Technical Support: We offer three levels of services that focus on preventative maintenance and technical support for a flat monthly fee. More Info...
  • Managed Backup & Disaster Recovery: We take care of backing up your systems with options for rapid restore in the event of failure and off-site data protection. No more forgetting to switch tapes, no more forgetting to take tapes home with you, no more worrying whether or not your tapes have failed. More Info...
  • Hosted Spam-Filtering Solution: Spam and email-borne viruses are stopped before they arrive on your mail server, adding an extra layer of security and improving the performance of your Internet connection and your mail server. More Info...

Support Plan Quick Reference

Service Level Basic Standard Premium
24/7/365 Remote Server Monitoring
Regular Preventative Maintenance
• Microsoft Security Patch Management
• Virus Scans & Definition Updates
• Anti-Virus Software Subscription
• Spyware/Malware Scans & Definition Updates
• Machine Maintenance (e.g. disk clean-up, etc)
• Unlimited Software Updates
• Security Policy Enforcement
Monthly Executive Summary Report
Rapid System Recovery On-Site Backup
Unlimited Business-Hours Remote Support
Unlimited Extended-Hours Remote Support
Remote Support Response Times 4 hours 2 hours 1 hour
Third-Party Vendor Support Coordination
10% Discount Off Standard Rates for Projects not included in the Support Agreement (Such as Setups, Moves, Adds, Changes, Disposals/Deletions, etc)

"Why should I outsource this stuff to you?"

These tasks are nothing new in the world of IT. Larger businesses can afford their own in-house IT department to perform these tasks to keep them up to date, secure, and minimize downtime. However, with average salaries for a Microsoft Certified System Administrator in the ballpark of $65,000/year plus benefits, taxes, overhead, etc, the total cost of approximately $7,000/month is out of reach for most small businesses with less than 75 people. Even User/Desktop Support Technicians average $50,000/year (plus benefits, taxes, overhead, etc) and extra help would still need to be brought in to manage the servers and network. Even a "cheaper" Desktop Support Tech is out of reach for many small businesses.

Traditionally, small businesses would only call in help when they have a dire problem, and tolerate the annoyances of slow performance that is a drain on employee productivity. Most Computer Repair companies charge by the hour to solve problems, so they have no incentive to prevent problems or to resolve it as quickly as possible, because if they do they don't make money! Even the few out there that do offer preventative mainteance still charge by the hour, usually in the form of blocks of time that you commit to each month or pre-pay; but because of the time it takes to manage networks, these tasks are usually only delivered once a month in order to keep it affordable. Hackers, cyber criminals, viruses, spyware, adware, etc don't work only one day a month, and neither should your maintenance and security.

For a fraction of the cost of an internal System Administrator, BTG becomes your IT department for you. You'll have virtually the same attention and responsiveness of your own in-house staff, and the same goals as you of proactively managing system to prevent failure and downtime from ever occuring... Two things you'll never get from a "by-the-hour" computer repairman. And just like a salary is a fixed expense you can budget for, so are our maintenance and support services.

Call us today to find out how we can help you get the same benefits of a full-time IT department that much bigger companies get, at a fraction of the cost.