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 >> Hosted Spam Filtering Service

Eliminate up to 95% of Spam without buying or maintaining any expensive hardware or software.

Recent studies have shown that 70% of all email transported on the Internet is spam (a few studies have even higher estimates). Spam drains system resources and annoys users, but can also be dangerous… Spam can transport mal-ware and spy-ware that can infect your machine and steal information or turn your machine into a “zombie” to be used by hackers to attack other networks.

To combat spam, we are proud to offer our customers the industry-leading Postini hosted spam filtering service (now Google Message Security). Postini boasts eliminating 95% of spam in your inbox! And it is a hosted service, which means spam and email-borne viruses are stopped before they arrive on your mail server and you don’t have to buy and manage any expensive hardware or software for your network.

In addition to the extra layer of security the hosted solution provides, it reduces the costs of purchasing, implementing, maintaining, and supporting the solution compared to on-site software or hardware solutions. Better still, because the spam never makes it onto your mail server, the performance of your Internet connection and your mail server (which often serves not only as the mail server, but usually as the file server, domain controller, and sometimes even the web server) will also improve as well.