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For years, larger companies have been using PBX’s, which stands for "Private Branch Exchange" and is just a private phone system for the business, much like your LAN (or "Local Area Network") is a computer network in your office that is private from the Internet. Advances in technology have made private phone systems that function over your existing office network much more affordable for small businesses than legacy phone systems.

Now even small businesses can have the same presence as large companies, such as:
  • Internal Extensions
  • Transfers
  • Conferencing
  • Receptionist Switchboards
  • Automated Attendants and menus to guide the caller to the correct destination
  • Dial by Name Directory
  • Music (or recorded announcements) while on hold
  • Voicemail that is accessible from anywhere or can even be emailed to you
  • Automatic Call Forwarding to your home or mobile phones from your extension
  • Call Queues
  • Call Monitoring & Recording
...and more! Since these functions are installed on your own private network, they are much more economical than comparable services offered from legacy phone companies.

Additionally, branch offices or remote users can be connected from outside the home office, reducing the impact that physical location has on keeping your users within easy reach of each other… Imagine just transferring a call to another extension instead of having your customer hang up and call another number, even if the other user is miles away from you, or even on their cell phone. Whether a person is telecommuting or in the office will be transparent to callers.

In addition to having the same phone presence as a much larger company, even long-distance calling with Voice Over IP (VOIP, or “Voice Over Internet”) carriers is significantly cheaper than traditional long distance carriers.

Just see what WindowsNetworking.com has to say about Ten Reasons to Switch to an IP PBX.

Save as much as 75% annually!

Start-up costs for a VOIP PBX are as much as 90% lower than traditional PBXs with an average annual savings on service of 50%! Some case studies have shown annual savings of as much as 75%!

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