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IT Consulting Services for Small Businesses and IT Departments

Infrastructure Implementation

Business Technology Group has a wide range of experience in infrastructure planning and implementation.
  • Microsoft Windows-based Server and Network Implementations
    • Microsoft Windows Server implementations including Domains and Active Directory to centralize shared resources and access permissions for small businesses. The most common uses are as centralized file servers and print servers where access to shared resources can be configured for each user.
    • Microsoft Terminal Server & Thin Clients centralize computing resources to the server, such as applications. This enables access from remote or mobile users even if they don't have the applications intstalled on their computer, older desktop PCs that may not have enough power to run the applications themselves, or from Thin Clients that are cheaper to deploy than buying new PCs.
    • Microsoft Exchange Server has become the de facto standard for company email and collaboration, offering centralized calendars, scheduling, contact lists, and To Do lists. Exchange Servers are even accessible from most PDA smart phones, making your email, calendars, task lists, and contact lists accessible in the palm of your hand in real-time. Even if you don't use PDA smart phones, Exchange Servers are still accessible via any web browser, ensuring you have access to your information from any computer with Internet access!
    • Microsoft Small Business Server is built specifically for businesses of less than 75 users and incorporate the Domain, Active Directory, and Exchange Servers onto one server. This offers small businesses with the benefit several server functions without having to buy several servers to run their business.
  • Networking and Security
    • Firewalls and Remote Access/VPNs secure your network from hackers looking to steal information or disrupt your operations. Firewalls keep out unauthorized users while VPNs permit secure remote access for you and your workers. Now mobile or remote users can access the company resources via VPN as if they were in your office full time, reducing the impact of physical separation of your employees.
    • Network Infrastructure such as network cabling, network switches, wireless networks, etc is what enables connectivity of your computers, your phones, shared Internet access, etc. We can help you make sure your network is built to handle the demands you place on it.
  • IP Phone Systems: Utilizing the Internet to carry voice phone signals has brought significant cost savings on phone services. Also, advances in modern computer technology has introduced cheaper, more flexible, fully-featured phone systems to small businesses. More Info...
  • Upgrades: If your technology hasnít been able to keep up with the demands of your business, we can help you through the process to determine what your needs are and upgrade or replace your existing solutions.