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Backup & Disaster Recovery Services

There are two levels of protection any business must think about when protecting their data:
  1. Physical disaster: This could be physical damage to the equipment (due to fire, flood, theft, natural disaster, etc.). In this kind of event, you don’t want your backup system on-site because your backup will be lost too. To protect from physical disaster, data should be moved off-site to ensure business continuity, and preferably outside of your geographic area.
  2. Computer failure: While you want to be ready for the worst, computer failure is far more likely to occur than physical disaster. In this case, you need to get up and running quickly and having your back-up off-site does not allow rapid response.
To handle these two very different needs, we offer two different types of backup services.

Rapid System Restore

The purpose of the Rapid System Restore service is to recover from a hardware failure, such as a hard drive crash, or a software failure, such as the dreaded “Blue Screen of Death” Windows system crash. Many IT firms focus only on off-site back-up for your data and have no systems in place for a rapid system restore that will get your employees back to work quickly with minimal loss of productivity. This allows them to bill you by the hour while they babysit a progress bar as they reload your system from scratch. A PC would normally require somewhere between 4-12 hours of on-site support to reinstall and reconfigure Windows and all of your applications. Servers are usually longer still, with the typical outage lasting several hours but sometimes can be as long as a couple of days. Computer crashes are not only an expensive repair bill, but expensive in lost employee productivity as well, let alone any lost data that can be expensive or impossible to recover.

Our Rapid System Restore service allows us to recover your machine and get you back to work in a much shorter amount of time. Typical PC recovery can be in as little as 30 minutes (even mobile or remote workers that are disconnected from the home office), while typical server recovery can be in as little as 90 minutes.

This service is included in our Standard and Premium support plans, which means that not only is your downtime minimized, but you won't even get a separate bill for the recovery!*

* Investment in additional storage hardware may be required. Only labor is included, any hardware or software costs are extra.

Off-site Data Protection

We utilize several options for moving data out of your office over your Internet connection. We have services available to transfer your data to a remote datacenter, or if you have more than one location, then you may be able to save on storage fees by having us transfer from one location to another and store your own data. We can work with you to determine your needs and come up with a solution that covers your unique situation.